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Mashhad has always been the steady influence on the evolution of human culture

The Deputy Director General of ISESCO gave a speech on the opening ceremony of the cultural capital of the Islamic world-Mashhad 2017.

According to the news headquarters of the cultural capital of the Islamic world-Mashhad 2017, the complete transcript of the lecture of Amina Al-Hajri is as follows:

Dear Governor General of Khorasan Razavi province, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, ladies and gentlemen

Hello and welcome

I am proud to be here today talking to you on the opening ceremony of “Cultural Capital of the Islamic World-Mashhad 2017 event”. I pray that your honorable country be always prosperous and the historical city of Mashhad be significantly improved in the future due to its selection as the cultural capital and the shining symbol of civilization.

In this glorious event, I would like to point out that ISESCO has adopted strict criteria for choosing the capital of Islamic culture from the member states.

First of all, an Islamic cultural capital must have documented historical authenticity and must have significantly helped improving knowledge and technology in the region and country.

This capital must have made significant contributions to Islamic culture and human culture as a whole.

In addition, this city must contain many historic and civilizational monuments and active cultural and artistic institutions, symbolized by the presence of an organization for holding cultural festivals, book and art exhibitions, theatrical productions, literature and art competition and various effective meetings.

Without a doubt, the historic city of Mashhad has all of these requirements. This city has always retains its power during the Islamic period and under multiple government dynasties, which has been associated with significant improvements, especially in its culture.

This progress has enhanced the educational, cultural, scientific, artistic status of Mashhad, in addition to its spiritual Islamic role. Therefore, Mashhad has always had an influence on the evolution of human culture. This role and status is more important today since Mashhad is the second tourism-pilgrimage destination with more than 20 million tourists a year. The most important attraction of Mashhad is its spiritual environment due to the presence of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza and the famous Sufi, Imam Mohammad Ghazali.

Another factor for the popularity of Mashhad is its carpets, which are known in the world, cultural diversity and tolerance, approved by the living of various religious minorities.

Ladies and Gentlemen

With regard to skills and cultural expertise of Mashhad, which have been obtained over the years, we believe that this will be a special occasion and the Islamic world will praise and admire the capabilities of this city in highlighting the cultural history and conquering the high peaks of cultural innovation.

In this regard, we know that Mashhad will conduct many cultural events during this year, which will be achieved through activities and planning for this major event since this has always been a cultural city in heart.


With respect to what I said earlier, we start the event of cultural capital of the Islamic world-Mashhad 2017 by providing cultural brightness for this city in order to witness similar cultural events in the near future.

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